From the wiki:

Dreamblade is a collectible miniatures game created by Wizards of the Coast that debuted on August 9, 2006, the day before Gen Con Indy. The game is a strategy contest that includes an element of chance which comes into play through various die rolls.

Similar to Magic: The Gathering, each game represents a battle between very powerful individuals, in this case psychics called “Dream Lords.” These Dream Lords battle one another across the landscape of humanity’s shared unconsciousness by spawning dream creatures out of human emotions, in particular Valor, Fear, Madness, and Passion. Although there are many collectible miniatures games available today, Dreamblade’s restricted landscape and spawning rules (among other things) result in many aspects which are more similar to a collectible card game than a traditional miniature game.

Here’s the story, Wizards of the Coast seem to have intended this game to be primarily a tournament thing, they hosted and funded a lot of $1000 and $10000 tournaments in the U.S. but despite that it doesn’t seem to have taken off as they had intended (their intention of course, was to make bucket loads of money from selling miniatures).

The good news is that due to this failure and discontinuation of the brand according to a newsletter send out by Milsims Wizards sent word that they intended to destroy all current unsold stock at the end of July this year. The result of this was that Milsims bought up a bunch of their excess stock really cheap (as in, less than 10% of retail price) and sold them to suckers like me. I use the term “sucker” in the most endering way because I can’t resists a bargain and when it’s something cool like a miniatures game I’m even easier to pursuade. So I ended up buying a few cases of the game starter and booster boxes at a little over 10% of their retail price, I even convinced a few friends to do the same (or to buy a small “starter set” which consisted of a starter and one of each booster from the expansion sets) to get them playing.

I even did the uber-nerdy thing and had the paper playmat which comes with the starter set laminated at Officeworks, the lady there didn’t even look at me funny (much).

I am happy to report that I had my first couple of games on the weekend and it turns out to be a fun and complex game which is easy to learn but involves a lot of strategy and a little luck to play well, a bit like chess in more ways than one (except that luck thing). There may be no more expansions or new figures to be released and no tournaments in the future but the game is still prefectly playable and fun and the miniatures can be used for Rolemaster or D&D and for something I wouldn’t have looked at twice had it been sold for full retail it’s a bit of a treat to discover Dreamblade after it’s life was effectively over, and to be able to buy a bucketload of miniatures for just over 25c each.

See below for some pictures of some of the mini’s I have and the links above to the official website for a full gallery.

Assorted figures

Yeah, that’s a gorilla with tenticles, and a pair of boots (not a gorilla with tenticle AND a pair of boots, that would be too wierd). Some of the figures are pretty wacky.