While I think movies still look fantastic on our old 800×600 BenQ PB-6100 projector it really ishowed it’s age and lack of hi-def’ness after watching the Diablo 3 gameplay trailer which was released recently.

Playing back such a high-res source highlighted just what we’re missing watching hi-def content downscaled through the old projector. When I played back the video on my PC monitor the detail was astounding but on the projector it was muddy and blurry (in comparison), I couldn’t make out any of the text or detail on the icons or environment.

I’ve been looking around at possible upgrade options and so far the Epson TW-2000 has come out on top based on the specs, price and reviews.

Unfortunately, by the time we can afford to buy a 1080p projector, 1440p will most likely be the standard.