Real quick, CatchOfTheDay has a special deal on something every day, the prices are usually insanely good (see my future post on the Asus eee PC).

Today’s caught my eye, Risk Star Wars Clone Wars Edition for $9.95? What could go wrong? I ordered one (and also grabbed some of the others as Christmas presents, so check under your tree in December). Today they are also selling a Sudoku board game and Shrek Junior Monopoly, all for $9.95..

Catch Of The Day

(this will only be the Star Wars Risk game on 21 June, others days, who knows).

Also, CatchOfTheDay participates in MoneyBackCo, if you sign up with MoneyBackCo (link) and click through the CatchOfTheDay link on that site you will get 5.5% of your purchase price back, which is nothing to sneeze at. ((NOTE: You must enter the Catch site through the merchant page on MoneyBackCo to get the refund))