Omega Drivers

I recently had to help a friend (hey Chris AKA Buzz) update the drivers on his laptop, an Asus F3JP, the same model as we have. The problem is/was that Asus no longer supports the unit with new drivers, even though it’s not that old and Buzz wanted to play a game which didn’t work for shit on the old drivers.

After much reading and dispair from people with similar problems and several hours on MSN with Buzz, I remembered the Omega drivers which are produced by a clever dude who modifies existing nVidia and ATI drivers to add extra features, performance and in this case, graphics chipsets.

Long story short, the drivers worked great but it was lucky Buzz had not yet upgraded his laptop to Vista since Omega hasn’t yet added Vista support, so unfortunately i’m out of luck until he does.

Click here to see the OMEGA drivers

The moral of this story is either to not buy a laptop from Asus (he says, as he types this on an eee PC 701) or simply not to buy a laptop with a wierd obscure almost proprietary GPU which isn’t supported by the laptop or GPU manufacturer (the X1700 for some reason doesn’t exist according to ATI).