Broadband in Royalla? No way? way!

We all know the Brinkmeyers lied quite a bit to sell land in Royalla, a tavern/corner store, underground powerlines, fibre to the curb, among others. These aren’t all complete lies, there are some underground powerlines in the estate, and there is some fibre in the estate too, unfortuntely it leads to a RIM which means we’re never likely to get DSL here. (still holding our breath on that Tavern).

Ever since we moved in whenever someone mentions their enourmous (internet) pipe near me my ears blow steam out of frustration and sheer hate for Telstra.

There is some hope on the horizon for us though, on the hill behind our place appeared a mysterious contraption looking something like a bidirectional antenae of some kind, upon further investigation it seems that the Australian Government isn’t totally useless when it comes to providing broadband to non metro areas.

There is a scheme whereby ISP’s can get a grant to provide broadband-like services to non metro areas (formerly known as HIBIS, now called something else but with the same intent). I had given up on this being any use to us because in the past it seemed to only extend to satellite which was still stupidly expensive and sucks for playing games.

But now, these guys have installed a wireless access point on the hill which means some time in my future lies a wireless 1500/512 connection which isn’t quite cable/dsl2 speed but its a big step up from 128/128 ISDN and the pricing is reasonably close to town DSL prices.