Yeah, one of those photos

Being the only person at work with a card reader a workmate comes up to me this morning and asks me to download a photo off his MMC for him:

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Hot off the presses, this poor guy misjudged the height of the carpark downstairs and ended up redecorating the ceiling and his poor little truck, I thought I should get in and post this before it becomes internet famous..when that happens I can claim that I posted it first!

In other news, Kristie and I have done some sums (1+1=3) and come to the realisation that the Skyline is costing us more to keep on the road than it’s worth. In fact, if my 3rd grade maths if correct if we have bought a new car at the start of the year we would actually be better off than we are now if you take petrol and repair/service costs on the Skyline into account.

As good a car as it has been, it has to go. So we’re looking at some options, which shall be the subject of an upcoming update, soon.