I’ve been having an internal debate about the future of this site for some time, it costs me about $13 a month to keep running and I’m not sure it’s worth the expense but there’s 5+ years of history on here now and i’d probably miss it once it was gone, so for now it stay.

..and besides, what would I do for amusement if I didn’t get to read the Search Phrase report in the stats? Here’s the latest:

1.	hore
2.	house
3.	castration
4.	gagged
5.	and
6.	mouth
7.	piss
8.	kitchen
9.	bound
10.	ninja
11.	in
12.	royalla
13.	doors
14.	cupboard
15.	bloody
16.	kangaroo

So, the Hore House Castration is pretty popular this time of year and that bloody kangaroo is back gagged and bound and pissing on the kitchen doors, damn ninjas!

I also seem to be getting a lot of traffic lately, I can’t tell exactly where it’s coming from and why but nobody is using the comments page (probably because nobody knows the name of my dog..oh well, blame the casino spammers). If anyone is reading this for some reason other than to harvest my email and leave spam comments, send me an email (my email address is on the comments in super hi-tech anti-spam text) and tell me why the hell you’re hanging around.