Collectable DVD Sets

I thought I had a decent collections of DVD’s until I saw this guys stuff. He has an amazing collection there sorted into different categories, I didn’t even know those wooden box sets existed, way cool.

My favourite is of course, this one:

Image Hosted by

Also, I really need to change the items to the right over there, I haven’t play BF2 for ages. I just finished SiN: Emergence though, and have just begun Half Life 2: Episode One and the fantastic remake (well, face lift) of Another World.

Another major project at the moment is working my way through the entire seven years of Star Trek: The Next Generation, it’s taken me six months to get to the end of Season Two, so I’m currently going at about four times the speed of Star Trek. So, in two years when I’m done, I’ll move on to Deep Space 9 (another seven seasons), then Voyager (five, I think) and finally Enterprise…err, four years…see you in 2015!