Star Wars sucks, there, I said it.

A discussion relating to the re-issue of the original Star Wars movies (see the link below) had me thinking about how Lucas is a wanker and how I hold a pretty mean grudge; I can think of 3 examples right now:

  1. Lucas for being an idiot and ruining star wars, I’ll still watch his movies but I will avoid giving him any more of my money if I can possibly avoid it.
  2. Metallica for being utter cockbites and all that Napster crap. These knuckle draggers did the completely wrong thing and persecuted THEIR LOYAL FANS for downloading their music, I’m sure they were the victims of some bad advice but I still hold it against them and don’t even listen to their shit any more.
  3. The RIAA. The day I read they had sent letters of demand for several thousands dollars to 13 year olds for downloading a single song was the day I vowed to never buy another CD. Up to this point I was a rabid CD buyer, I own over 400 actual real CD’s, most purchased at full price on or near release day..never again, fuck you RIAA (and ARIA, I suppose).

So far the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) has avoided my silent wrath by not being jerkoffs and I continue to buy DVD’s.