Tommy wouldn’t get it.

It seems that someone decided that world needed another PC Pinball game and Future Pinball is the result. The system requirements are pretty heavy but the results are stunning (check out the screenshots) and at only 15mb to download there are no excuses, did I mention it was FREE?

In addition to looking great and being free, you can also design your own tables and there seems to be a pretty active commmunity behind it so hopefully it’s only a matter of time before someone designs the Addams Family Pinball and that will be a great day indeed.

EDIT: Upon further investigation (and registering on the forums) there are a lot more tables available than those linked on the main site, mostly emulations of original pinballs like Star Trek, Road Girls, Joker Poker, Mad Magazine, Kings and Queens and a bunch of others, even some original concepts by users, take a look (registration required). Still no Addams Family though, which is odd since it was one of the most popular pinballs of all time.

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