Parenting tips by the professionals

Tip #1, how not to parent: This is just mean!

Also, and unrelated, we went to the multicultural food festival thingy on the weekend and had Danish Donuts among other things (try googling for a recipe, it’s not as easy as you’d think because Danish and Donuts are two types of food, that’s confusing for poor google – I did find a Danish Donut Shop. Danish Donuts are not to be confused with Aebleskiver although to my untrained eye they look similar.

Anyway, they were the best donuts I’ve ever had, more like fried dough with fruit bits in it, yummo..apparently there was a shop in Canberra where you could buy them but I went by there yesterday and it was closed, permanently it seems. More evidence that god hates me (or just wants me to lose weight, thanks god!)