Spammer begone!

Well, it looks like the password I added to the comments page has had two effects 1) The spammer can no longer spam, 2) nobody else can leave a comment (or don’t want to, or are too lazy..or maybe i’m only just noticing that nobody ever left one anyway) and 3) the spammer is now just sitting on the comments submit page and refreshing it every 30 seconds (evident by the 5000 hits the page has had over the last few days). That’s three effects, I know.

It’s obvious the spammer hasn’t realised his bot is not longer actually submitting anything, so I’ll probably have to rename the damn page to stop it..the 404’s he gets may stop him trying, probably not.

In other news, I’ve started watching Star Trek: The Next Generation from the first ep (which is approaching 20 years old now, ugh, way to make yourself feel old) and I’m amazed how much I remember of the stories. I can’t remember where I left my keys or what I had for breakfast but I can remember the “We are more alike than unalike my dear Captain… If you prick me do I not … leak?” line by Data, wierd.