New Comments page

As you may have noticed the site got hit pretty heavily by some moron spambot which submitted over 1000 comments in about a week. I have now deleted all the worthless spam from the comments section and taken another step to prevent it happening again.

I have added a password field to the comments page now so if you want to leave a comment you will need to know the password. Email (or msn or icq or phone or whatever) me for it, k!

Over the next couple of days I’ll be implementing a nicer solution (thanks to Jeremy!) by sending all comments though junkeater which seems to work pretty well and doesn’t require the commenter to know a password (which means random people who actually visit the site will be able to comment too).

Also, here’s a gimmick:

Scratch2k's Weekly Artists Chart

..showing what I’m listening to this week from actual stats gathered from foobar2000, click on it for my full profile (I think this weeks one is broken, it refreshes every Monday)