The million dollar homepage (not this one)

From The Register back in September 2005.

“Enterprising UK student Alex Tew has sold enough pixels to fund his way through university. Tew, 21, decided to flog pixels for a buck on his Million Dollar Homepage as part of a cunning scheme to raise cash.

He may not have made his million, but in the few weeks since he launched the site he’s flogged some 60,000 pixels – generating around £32,000. Those snapping up his pixels have included poker sites, loan companies and some small businesses.
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Even after tax and other overheads he’s easily got enough dough to make it through uni. He told The Reg: “I’m blown away by it really. It’ll pay for three years at uni and I’ll have some left over.”

Tew leaves for university at the weekend but will continue to run his site in between studies. ®”

And since September he has sold almost the whole million pixels, with only 1000 left which he is selling on ebay (current bid US$160,000)..just another one of those “damn, I wish I’d thought of that” things…

Also, 200+ more spam comments on the comments page now..looks like I’m going to have to do something a little more drastic (well, more drastic than posting “hey, please stop”). Drastic will probably involve some kind of password to make a comment (this is the easiest to implement and I’m lazy) so if you go to make a comment in the next few days (ha! optimism) and can’t, email me for the password).

Ninja Edit: Even if you don’t listen to Fall Out Boy, you’ll probably still find this video filled with hilarity! and another one