Hore House Ninja

OK, so the continued spamming of the comments section was amusing for about 5 seconds, now it’s just annoying and I wish it would stop. If it’s a human doing this (and I highly doubt it) and you’re reading this then you’re not going to be getting any hits via this site, only friends and family actually read it and none of them are going to be interested in your stupid casino advisory service, or whatever the hell is it you are trying to advertise.

If it doesn’t stop I’ll be forced to actually do some more coding to make it stop, which will probably involve some kind of approval process for comments and I hate having to do work so just be nice and stop.;

Secondly, to all the idiots looks for hot hot ninja pr0n on this site by using the search terms “Hore House Ninja” (yes, so say my log files these are the top 3 search terms) you’ll find none of that here either so just give up.