I’m only posting this because the picture is creepy as all get up.

Yes, this was a chain letter and I think people who forward these are morons, just read the text, what kind of idiot would believe that crap? I just love the picture (see below), despite being a really bad photoshop (nice shadow on the guys shoulder).


The guy in the photo went to the Sundarbans with his friends and he asked 1 of his friends to take his picture in that very place. While his friend was taking the picture he screamed and fainted, 2 days later he died in the medical college. Doctors said he died because of heart attack. When  the photos were exposed, in the last photo there was a lady standing right beside him though friends claim that he was standing alone. Many people  said it is a rumor and the picture is the result of the blessings of  latest technology. However, the photo itself is very scary and I'm sure you'll also feel the same way I've felt.

Here you go with the photo!!!

A navy officer sent this letter to 13 people and he was promoted.
A business man received this letter and threw it away..not believing in it.. and he lost everything he had within 13 days.
It reached a labourer and he distributed it to 13 people.. he was promoted and all his problems were solved within 13 days..

So you must send this e mail to 13 people for something good to happen to you; so people. get sending!!

PS : Do not send back to the person who send this to you!!!

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