Things I have learned in the last 6 weeks.

1. I’m glad I took 4 weeks off work after the birth.

2. Make a list of stuff you need for the bub, use it when people ask you if you need anything, if you just say “oh I don’t know” you will end up with 56 cute jumpers and no pants (this still happened to us, despite a list)

3. You can never have too many nappies.

4. There’s this thing called a Tomee Tippee nappy disposal system, which is a big yellow container which you stuff dirty nappies into and it keeps them sealed and non-smelly until you can chuck them all in the bin, a bit expensive to buy and refill but PRICELESS.

5. Disposable nappies are the best invention, ever.

6. Dont’ fall into the “I must buy this and this and this to be a good parent” (this advice originally told to me by Cav) there are so many things on the market that seem like a great idea but you just don’t need and will hardly use, baby socks are a good example, we have about 20 pairs and we’ve used maybe 2 so far in 6 weeks.

7. Stay Calm.

8. Bonds Wondersuits are, well, wonderfull. It’s a one peice suit thingy with feet and makes change time super easy (and you’ll be changing nappies A LOT), they don’t look as cool as seperate shirt and pants+socks but for every day use they rule.

9. Baby poop doesn’t smell so bad, yet.

10. Point the penis down, secure the nappy well. (that will get me some google hits for sure!)

I’m sure there’s more.