ICQ sucks

ICQ is a dieing network and it’s probably a good thing, that bloated client consumes more resources than SUV driving Americans.

I rarely use ICQ anyway, however it’s always on and I have contacts on it going back 8-9 years but last night I tried to log on and was told my password was incorrect. It usually auto stores it, I haven’t actually entered my password for years so I immediately knew something was fishy….

… and I was right, some punk has hijacked my 7 digit number. I ended up speaking to the guy and he said that a friend gave him the number, yeah right. I’m probably partially to blame, I should know better than to use the password I was using (no, it wasn’t PASSWORD, but it certainly wasn’t as secure as it could have been).

I googled a bit and found that mirabilis (the people who own icq) don’t care and wont help in situations like this, the most they will do is deactivate the account, so it’s pretty much a suck it up situation.

Anyway, long story not to long I created a new 9 digit number and went from 2 million to 332 million, if only that was dollars. Luckily I managed to also get a copy of my contact list from the local machine and I’m back up and running with the stupidly long number but just wanted to warn everyone that while you have heard rumours of people losing their 6-7 digit icq numbers and always thought it couldn’t happen to you, it can, so change your password now, just to be safe.

So if you’re reading this and you just got an auth request from a 9 digit, it’s probably me so don’t deny it right away.