Foobar Poobar

Back in 2003 I posted about Foobar2000 and how great it was as a simple software mp3 player.

My opinion hasn’t change and Foobar2000 is still the best media player with the smallest footprint but these days who cares if your player is taking an extra few mb of memory. In fact, it was while I was playing around with some new features of Foobar that I ended up reinstalling winamp and re-discovering the albumlist component which allows you to browse your albums by cover art rather than boring old text, and it looks awesome (if your cover art is all populated). It also has some other cool features like the ability to play a random album and there’s no denying that winamp looks prettier than Foobar2000 even with the default skin.

See below for an example of my current config (with the default skin). This screenshot shows that a lot of my album art is complete (with one empty one there, I chose this lot because it was mostly complete). I used Album Art Aggregator which automated the laborious process of attaching album art and means that about 85% of my collection now has album art attached, it looks (and sounds) awesome!

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This other sample is the same config but with the Nucleo skin applied, definately my favourite skin.

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