Nowhere Man on DVD (Finally!)

I’ve been waiting for this, well, since for freakin ever! This was a brilliant series that only lasted one season but unlike many prematurely cancelled series it actually got an ending (which I missed when it was on TV – so I’ve been waiting 10 years to see the last episode)

Here’s a summary:

Unknown forces conspire to erase the identity of photographer Thomas Veil (Bruce Greenwood, I, Robot), and without warning, every aspect of his life is annulled during the course of one evening. His wife acts as if he’s a stranger, his credit cards are suddenly invalid, his keys no longer fit the door to his home and in one way or another, his family and friends are silenced. Completely alone, Veil sets out on a desperate cross-country quest for an answer while eluding his powerful and unknown enemy. His only clue to the possible motivation behind the harrowing ordeal is the disappearance of one of his photographs, “Hidden Agenda,” which depicts the execution of natives in a war-torn Third World country.


  • Audio and video commentaries (Larry Hertzog, Bruce Greenwood, Peter Dunne, Steve Rodman, Art Monterastelli and Ian Toynton)
  • Interviews (Larry Hertzog, Art Monterastelli, Guy Magar, Steve Rodman, Bruce Greenwood, Michael Levine, Megan Gallagher)
  • Deleted and extended scenes
  • Promotional spots
  • Outtakes
  • Featurette — “Networking” (UPN executive Mike Sullivan and series creator Larry Hertzog reminisce)
  • Featurette — “Fact or Fiction?” (an anonymous ex-CIA operative reveals real world government conspiracies, mind control techniques and how fragile our identity really is)

That’s a completely amazing set of extras, I highly recommend this series, it’s due out at the end of the year.

REF: Nowhere Man DVD Set