My Left Foot

There is a little known fact about Parliament House in Canberra, in the bushy area that surrounds the place there are many hidden sporting facilities, tennis, jogging tracks, a small circular soccer field even the cleanest public toilets on the planet. Don’t tell anyone though, it’s a secret!

I was playing soccer on the secret soccer field on Saturday, as I try to do every Saturday and ran off the field to fetch the ball that I had just wildly kicked off (as I tend to do). The thing about this field is that while the main grassed area is pristine and very well tended the area outside the main circle of grass is as rough as guts.

So there I was fetching the ball when I lose my footing in a gigantic crevasse, roll my ankle into it and hear the telltale sound that means a trip to the emergency room. However, stories of an 8 hour wait at Canberra Hospital are not exagerated (unless you’re dying or bleeding) so I dedided I could tell myself to take 2 aspirins and call myself in the morning, without the 8+ hour wait. It’s a win-win for all.

To cut a long story short-ish, I have some nice x-rays of my left foot with no breaks or fractures and a lovely black bruise around my ankle, I can almost walk like a normal person again but I think my professional soccer career is on hold for a little while.

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BTW: Cav left a comment asking about alpacas. When distressed Alpacas make a sound similar to a galah, when they’re happy it’s more of a worrble..when they’re upset at YOU, they spit, trust me.

As for impending fatherhood, the nursery is mostly complete, we have our first neonatal class tonight, we still have a list of 9 possible names and my greatest fear about being a father is that my dad will finally get his chance to have a laugh at me when I call at midnight elbow deep in baby shit asking him how to clean puke out of the interior of a VCR.