Where Were WereWolves

I think sometimes I am possessed by the spirit of someone who’s a lot smarter/funnier than I actually am, an email conversation between myself a few friends goes something like this (not a joke, a real account of events):

Craig says:

Why is it every time you go to bed late – your kids want to get up early!

Me Bed – 12:30am

Matt wanting to get up – 3.00am

Vanessa – your turn!

Me – &$^$# I just got to bed

Vanessa – your fault – come to bed earlier

Me – %%$%%^!!! &^%$^!!!

Me – Back to Bed Matthew!!

Matthew – Waaaaa Waaaaa

Me – Bed Now


1 hr passes

Me – crawls back into bed at 4am

Alarm – 6.30 – BZZZZT

Me – $%$%^^$$!!!

Matthew – Hi Daddy – Hug

Me – Your turn Ness


Me – (thinking) $$#$$!!!

Me – Yes dear

OK, so nothing too shocking there, just your average every day recalling of a bad nights sleep. So Alistair pipes up with:

Me – where a condom

And the inevitible reply, from Craig:

lol – it’s WEAR

So Al springs to his own defence in typical “educated by television” style:

Where…wear same sound different spelling…..

And the grand finale from me:

Actually, the miss-spelling changes the whole meaning of your statement.
“Wear” a condom means put one on to avoid the inevitible screaming child.

“Where” a condom means you can’t find one so you don’t use one and are in danger of becoming Craig.

“Were” a condom means that the condom you just used has magically transformed into something else, perhaps a deadly projectile?

“We’re” a condom means you’re going to a costume party with a friend.

“Werecondom” is a condom that has been bitten by a Lycanthrope and you really shouldn’t be using it at all.
It’s scary and you should really pay more attention to your spelling in future.

Then it just gets silly so I’ll stop.

Worthy of immortalising in blog form, dontchathink?

Crap, now I have to find a link of the day.

How about some more GT4 pictures (Holden Monaro CV8 and Ford FPV GT):