Gran Turismo 4

I got GT4 for my birthday and I was surprised to find that my PS2 still runs (under about 5cm of dust). GT4 is as much fun as I remember the original being (on the PSX) and it’s essentially the same game with fancier graphics. It’s still hella fun (yeah, I just said “hella”) to tune up a WRX to 500 BHP and zip around a course at a billion km/h.

GT4 has a cool new feature where you can take pictures of your cars and transfer them to a USB memory stick. I have been doing this with much gusto and printing them off with the new inkjet (Canon PIXMA iP4000 if you’re interested, it even has the ability to print directly onto a CD/DVD-R, an amazing printer). Kristie even bought me a photo album for the pictures, I’m glad to have a wife who supports my geekism.

Here are some samples of pictures I’ve taken, just because I’m a humungous geek (these make great wallpapers…for me!)

You can place your car in one of many different sites around the world, from the Gran Canyon to this one..some fancy building in Tokyo.

… or you can take it for a drive and take action shots:

Subaru Impreza WRX STi Spec C ’04

Lotus Esprit V8 SE ’98, /drool