Six months in a leaky boat

So I just came back from visiting my parents in country Victoria (why am I posting this, you’re the

only ones that actually read this, you already know I was there! 🙂 and we spent about 6 days on a

houseboat sailing (motoring?) down the Murray from Mildura (and almost to Wentworth).

I had a relaxing time and actually managed to read some books, some that had been sitting on my shelf

for months (years!) and others that were recommended to me. Since this is a momentous occasion (I hardly

read books without lots of pictures these days) I will give a mini review of each book.

Unfilmed script for Alien3 by William Gibson

This started well since Newt, Hicks and Bishop don’t die and actually play a significant role in the

story (something that irked me about the film version was that they all died without a fight). In fact, Hicks is the star of the script and

Riply takes a back seat; had this version been filmed it would have surely done Michael Beihn’s career

some good. Alas, the actual story was pretty crap and Gibson took way too many liberties with the Alien

biology and backstory which is probably why it never made it to the screen.

Starship Troopers by Robert Heinlein

I once played the Starship Troopers board game when I was in high school and all I remember is dudes

jumping out of perfectly good spaceships to fight some unknown enemy. Having never read the actual book

before my only knowledge of it was from the game and the ubernerds claiming that the movie sucked

compared to the book. After reading the book I have to disagree it was way too full of navel

gazing and far too intricate explainations of reasons for superior officer’s actions.

For example, when Rico questions the orders he is given by an officer the officer spends about 15

pages explaining exactly why the order was given rather than “FOLLOW THE DAMN ORDER SOLDIER!!!!” which

would have sufficed. *yawn*

The Forever War by Joe Haldeman

This was recommended by Michael who also told me to read Starshit Poopers so I was a bit worried.

Luckily for him it ended up being one of the best books I’ve read in a long time and it made up for the

time wasted reading Starhip Troopers. Unfortunately if you read a book a year it’s a long time between

all books so this isn’t really saying much but it is definately a read which revolves around a soldier

involved in an intergalactic war that spans a thousand years. There is a sequal called “Forever Peace”

which I’m sure to read some time in the next 20 years.

Scarecrow by Matthew


Matthew Reilly had me for life after I read his second book Ice Station and his writing style

really suits my reading style (short chapters, small words, lots of action) but this latest installment

staring his Clancy-Jack-Ryanesque character named Scarecrow is full of amazingly far fetched action and

stunts, particularly near the end where Scarwcrow drives a Subaru WRX off a cliff into a hovering

helicopter (or was it a jet) and survives!

Just a Geek by Wil Wheaton

Wil Wheaton is best known to the masses for playing Wesley Crusher on Star Trek:The Next Generation

but these days he’s just a geek who writes a blog and has had two books published (the first being

Dancing Barefoot, a collection of short stories). Just a Geek is semi-biographical and has stories about

how Wil has dealth with his early childhood fame and being the most hated member of the Star Trek crew

his life and the creation of his blog.

Forge of God by Greg Bear

Greg Bear is one of my favourite authors, I really should re-read Eon and Eternity. I’m only about

half way through this one and made the mistake of reading the synopsis of the sequel so I know the earth

is destroyed, but I suppose that was inevitable anyway. The story is more about how the people of the

earth (well, America) would handle the threat of total destruction at the hands of an alien race than the

actual act anyway.

I did more than read, I took lots of photos and gave the new video camera a work out too so I’ll post some pictures when I’ve sorted through them all.

In other news a friend of mine, Cav (see the link below) who I’ve known forever and is most famous (errr) for writing a bunch (read: A LOT) of Star Wars Parody Songs dressed up like a geek (well, as Darth Maul) last night and performed some of his songs at Fox Studios in Sydney at the opening of Episode III. He did some TV and radio interviews too, film at 11! (maybe)