Classic Games Quiz

Jeremy has finally finished his Classic Games Quiz and while I grew up on this stuff I’m surprisingly crap at remembering which screenshot matches up with which game so beating me is nothing to shout about in the streets.

Here’s what he has to say about it:

There are 19 quizzes (quiz 20 is in development), with 12 questions per quiz, making a grand total of 228 questions.
The quiz now has a hi-score table (thanks Chris 🙂 which prevents overwrites with lower values (thanks Ian 🙂
It writes a cookie for each visitor, which tracks your answers, allowing you to return later (thanks Chris 🙂

It took six months to write (including testing, learning all the Perl and walking away from it for extended periods). It is 344 lines of code and the whole package is < 36k in total!

Check it out, I command you!