Dog Shit to your door, overnight, guaranteed!

So some mental deficient decided it would be funny to smear dog shit all over our letter box on the weekend, not only did they wipe it on the inside and outside they also smeared it all over whatever mail was in there at the time.

If we lived in the ‘burbs I would just shrug this sort of thing off as random bored kids, but what the fuck? We live at least 100m away from our nearest neighbour and it’s not like we get a lot of pedestrian traffic passing through.

This means that whoever did this had to carry dog shit more than 100m and then spend the time to wipe it all over the letter box. A premeditated dog shitting is something I would never imagine happening.

So I went and spoke to a couple of neighbours to see if they had similar problems, nada. It hasn’t happened since so we will have to dismiss it as a random premeditated dog shitting.

I can’t imagine the mental process behind this act but there is obviously something serious wrong with the animal responsible and it scares me that it could be a close neighbour.

Maybe I should have called the police….if you’re reading this and I’m dead, I have been killed by the mystery dog shit smearer, call the police!

I meant to take pictures but I’m not sure they would be of any value other than to websites like

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