Seven Samurai

So I finally got around to watching Seven Samurai over the last couple of days, it’s over 200 minutes long so it takes a couple of installments to watch. Now that I know what all the fuss is about (it really is as brillant as people say) I’ll have to rewatch The Magnificent Seven with a different perspective.

In other news, Kristie and I are still undecided on what surname to give “it” (we’ll know the gender in about 9 weeks). I can understand her reluctance to call “it” a Hore and I tend to agree. Several ideas have been thrown around from the traditional double barrelled name (Hore-Ryan or Ryan-Hore) to a not-so-easily-teasable modification like Horewell (which my cousin Wayne change his surname to when he joined the police force, W.Hore doesn’t look so good on a name tag). We’re also thinking about giving “it” a name from our family history or just inventing a completely new name. We’ll see.

Cav also gave us some sage (but unrelated) advice yesterday with:

Just make sure Kristie knows where she stands on the two big issues and can defend her stance to the death, as she will be accosted by militant women (guys don’t care) from either side. Those issues are breast vs bottle and cloth vs disposable.

For the record, Disposable Breasts sound like a great idea! (much more practical than Cloth Bottles anyway).

Just to bring the tone down a touch, Wil Wheaton (who you will remember from Stand By Me and Star Trek writes a very popular blog (you can also see his book linked over on the right side) and has just posted a moving account of the illness (and eventual death) of one of his pet cats, it will bring a tear to the eye of any dog/cat owner.