How to destroy the world

My RSS aggregator (Sharpreader) delivered this gem to me this morning, How to destroy the world. It’s an interesting read if you’re planning to end existence with the aid of tiny replicating machines or hurling the earth into the sun, or something like that.

I have nothing constructive to say at all.

OK, here’s something, Dan just posted another comment about the Guitar Wolf gig, I can’t wait until they come to Canberra (we can hope). LOCK AND LOLL!!

I was just looking through the stats for this page, and apart from the unholy trinity of “hore fuck me” being the top 3 search words (for the 18th month in a row) the stats showing a browsers operating system showed the Amiga with one hit…one hit from someone using an Amiga!

I suspect a time traveller from the year 1984 so asking them to post a commment is pointless since they have either returned to their own time or no longer have use of my website to repair our broken timeline and save the earth from alien invasion, thanks either way mystery time traveller!

For anyone interesting, the word that’s lowest on the search word report for hits to this site is “empire”, “Royalla” is surprisingly low on the list too. This news post where I listed the specs of the new DVD player I purchased back in September is the most popular news post (174 hits),and the second most hit news post is about the projector…maybe I should start writing for a DVD review site, oh wait a minute!