The Wolf!

Dan has left a comment about his recent attendance at a Guitar Wolf gig in Toronto, lock and loll indeed!


I don’t feel bad for never seeing the Sex Pistols anymore, I have seen the Wolf!

Some comments on the Guitar Wolf show while it’s still fresh:

Leather and Sunglasses! Solid!
Jumping from the speaker stacks, stage diving, playing to the assembled masses
Zero between-song banter…there was no “between-song”!!

Did I mention they were loud?

45 minutes into the show, I still had no idea if they were singing in Japanese or English, and then finally I understood two words….”Baby Massacre”

Summertime Blues never sounded so bad, or so loud.

Have I mentioned how loud they were? I can’t even hear myself type.

Lock and Loll! Toronto! You da sh*t!!

Good times, man, Good times.

I leave you with these words from my friend at about the hour mark…”The madness never ends!”

Chris, you should’ve bought the plane ticket.


Me too Dan, me too. I want to hear Summertime Blues live…in the original Japanese (from the recording I can’t actually tell if it’s in Japanese or English)!

I ended up getting Guitar Wolf’s last studio album Jet Generation and it certainly is……loud!