Search word report

I love checking the search word report in the stats for this page, it’s always worth a laugh at what people type into search engines to (mostly) accidentally stumble onto the site, he’s a quick sample of the top 3:

1. hore 778
2. fuck 694
3. me 690

Crazy eh, HORE FUCK ME…what’s wrong with you people, at least learn how to spell!


2 Days after we finally make a decision to buy a MP3 player from ebay (just a cheapo chinese version, 256mb, screen, FM radio, rechargable etc etc) for $100, Apple release the iPod Shuffle, 512mb, no screen but only $50 more than yumcha knock-off version, bastards.

and (copied from the AOB ozforums forums);

Was watching SBS last night and watched some random japanese film called “WILD ZERO!”

Basically its about a rockstar called Guitar Wolf and his mate “Ace” who get caught up in some wierdo apocalyptic kind of theme with UFOs and Zombies… and even a tranny.

Anyway, if you can find the film “Wild Zero” its definately worth a laugh. Furthermore I found out that Guitar wolf is actually a Japanese rock group. I gotta find me some of their random Jap rock.

There is an interview of the members of guitar wolf on the website, heres a snipper:

P: So, do you do the mixing, as well?
S: No, engineer. The first time it was a little bit hard for me to explain our sound to engineer. I said, “Engineer, don’t move needle. Just red zone.” But a professional engineer can not do at first, but after that’s no problem.
P: So after awhile they say, “OK, just red!”
S: Yeah, just red!
P: Your sound, live and in the studio, seems to be getting noisier.
S: Ah, yeah, recording is like live show. Not separate. Same. Same time vocals, guitar, bass, drums, yeah, and with drink alcohol.
P: Even the live show seems to be getting noisier. Like maybe there is a longer period in between songs…
S: Oh really? But maybe from long time ago. I always, I like, I need noise. Because we are no skill. Our skill is no good. No technique. We need…Basic rock and roll is: Number one is looks; Number two is guts, tension; Number three is action; Maybe four, five nothing; Six is skill, technique.

Good find BOK, I will need to find one of their CD’s and track down this movie too, sound awesome! (sort of)