Some more reviews (again)

So I’ve managed to squeeze out a few new reviews for various movies ranging in quality from utterly shitful to pretty damn good:

Eurotrip – Uncut
“A perfect popcorn and friends movie with an excellent DVD presentation.”

Muriel’s Wedding – 10th Anniversary Special Edition
“Any fan of the movie will be happy with their purchase of this 10th anniversary edition.”

“The purrrrfect example of what the DVD format is capable of giving us.”

Short Circuit
“Number 5 is alive!”

Thunderbirds (2004)
“It’s Spy Kids with more rocket ships.”

The West Wing – Season 4
“Overall, despite the lack of extras Season 4 offers good value and excellent quality in both video and audio departments.”

The West Wing – Season 3
“Non anamorphic widescreen, is there such a beast? There is in this box set, and no extras to boot? What’s going on here?”

Garfield – The Movie
Garfield: The Movie succeeds as a kids movies as well as it would have if aimed at an older audience.”

The Hitcher
The Hitcher is a violent and at times gripping thriller.”

I’ll Be There
“I’m glad I eventually ran out of other movies to review and had to put I’ll Be There into the DVD player.”