… and now for something completely different (more reviews)

  • Boa vs Python
  • Out of Reach
  • The X-Files Season 8
  • The X-Files Season 9

    More to come soon, currently working on: Beyond Borders,
    Breakdown, Deathlands, Gang Tapes, I’ll Be There, One Good Cop, Stranded – Countdown to Annihilation,
    Taking Lives – Special Director’s Cut,
    The Day After Tomorrow: Special Edition, The Fog, The Void.

    I love those B-Grade shlockers!

    In other news, we moved our Saturday Soccer Games (TM) to the Parliment house pitch, it actually has grass and proper goals. With full sized goals and 6 a side, a high scoring game was had and landing on that soft grass was like falling on a bed of marshmellows (relatively speaking). >Click here to see Saturday Soccer photos.