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I’ve changed the little thingamajig on the right side to reflect stuff I’m listening to, playing, watching and reading currently. Just click on the images or text to find out more, the links aren’t the “if you click on it and buy it I get money” type so don’t go getting all snooty and calling me a sell out, or whatever.

Playing: Champions of Norrath

I finally got around to buying Champions of Norrath (link also on the right thingy under “Play”) – yes Jeremy, I actually bought a game, call the press!!

Even though it’s set in Norrath (the world that Everquest is set in, of course) it’s not really as EQ-centric as I thought it would be. It is based on the same engine as Baldur’s Gate:Dark Alliance so the gameplay is very similar, which suits us just fine.

Lots of items, lots of dudes to kill, lots of items to loot and buy, fast levelling, a fighter class for Kristie so she doesn’t have to push more than one button at a time, it’s perfect 🙂

Highly recommended (if you like that sort of game)