Jingle Bells (Redux)

I know, I know, no updates, la la la

The reason I haven’t made an update for a month is because the battery in my camera is dead, it will let me take about 4 photos at a time before losing power but it wont accept a charge at all, it’s dead, Jim. Ebay is the savior as usual, clone batteries are selling for about $35 and a genuine Sony one can be bought for about $70 or about $90 from the cheapest online shop I can find (http://www.digitalcamerawarehouse.com.au/)

In other news, we just spent a week on the Gold Coast wearing shorts and t-shirts, walking the dog without having to put on 3 layers of clothes, it was a nice break from the sub-zero temperatures of Canberra. However, it was good to get home and have it snow on us last Saturday, about 2cm settled on the ground, enough to learn that Kristie can’t throw a snowball to save her life, but I can 🙂 (she builds a mean snowman though, we took some pictures with an old disposable camera, I’ll post them when they’re developed)

I’m considering buying a Playstation 2 so we can play Champions of Norrath which is similar to the Baldur’s Gate games but only available on Playstation 2. I have resisted getting a PS2 since it was released (is it nearly 4 years?) but if I can get a cheap second hand one, it will be worth getting, if only to play Champions and Gran Turismo.

I managed to pick up 2 cheap shirts for Jeremy’s saturday soccer games, if I’m going to chase a ball around and trip over my own feet, I may as well look the part. You can see me modelling the new atire at the Forest Primary School most Saturdays.

As about the only show Kristie and I watch without fail, the release of the complete Season 1 and Season 2 of E.R. had us reaching for our wallets. Hopefully they will sell well and the rest of the seasons will be released by the time we finish catching up on the first 2.