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REF: It’s not the size that they say.

Thanks to Jeremy for the link too 😉

I did some more research and finally found the site I’ve been looking for in Projector Central, they have a good search engine, many user and professional reviews and some good articles on this and that, all projector focussed (no pun intended) so it was easy to find what I needed. I ended up making a spreadsheet of features for a bunch of options, see it here. (MS Excel format)

So I went to Millennium Audio Visual yesterday with Kristie and we had a demo of a couple of “entry level” projectors (yeah, living in Royalla means everything you buy for the next 25 years is “entry level”).

We looked at the Hitachi CP-S210 LCD projector and a tiny little Benq 2120 (they didn’t have the 6100 or 6200 for demo but apparenty they use the same internals, the only difference being the 2120 is a “compact” model, so much smaller than the 6100, at a premium price)

After deciding that LCD was not an option because of the horribly obvious screen door effect we turned to the DLP Benq and were very impressed. While the quality wasn’t as good as our Loewe CRT, for the price the Benq puts out a massive 115″ diagonal 16:9 image (that’s 1.4m high and 2.4m wide) and combined with a 115″ fixed screen looked just amazing! (and it’s 10 times bigger than the existing TV)

So, we made a decision on the Benq PB6100, it’s not our dream projector but it’s a realistic beginning and the best value for money available at the moment.

The screen will take a couple of weeks to build (it’s a custom job) so I will post some more details when the screen and projector arrive.

As a side note, I think Adrian at Millennium deserves some kudos for spending the time with us, not being pushy and answering all the dumb questions with much patience (although I did a lot of research I’m still a n00b) if anyone else out there is considering a projector or other HT purchases in the future, I can highly recommend Millennium (link above, and below!).