Remote Control v 0.001

I should know better than to compose news updates on-line…I just wrote a big one and lost it all to the big black hole that is the internet and DNS errors, oh well.

As I was saying, the intial reason I bought the Axim (see here for details) was because it was cheap…then I realised it could be used as a universal remote control if I installed the appropriate software. Shortly after that I realised the irDA port in it was crappy so I lost all interest, I eventually found a Compact Flash irDA extender which boosts the ir signal and the interest is re-ignited, as you can see below.

This is one of the pages for the universal remote interface I’m working on, it’s a work in progress and there are about another 5 pages that need to be designed, but the idea is that I’m consolidating the few buttons I use on each controller into one unified interface, hopefully allowing me to get rid of the 10+ remote controls that clutter the media room.

On with the show:

This is the page for the TV and Digital Set Top Box, out of the 100 odd buttons on both controllers I only really use the ones shown here so there was no point duplicating the exact controllers.

The design is deliberately chunky and colour lean because the software uses CCF files, which are normally used in a Philip Pronto remote control. The CCF files have size and colour limitations which I needed to follow (256 colours, 240×219 pixels for the main interface screen), I designed the pages in double size and reduce them to fit those restrictions.

Cool eh?