It’s been a long time since I rock n rolled…err..posted pictures of rocks..

As if begging for donations wasn’t enough (I didn’t get any by the way) I’m going to add insult to injury by posting nothing but pictures

of gravel and grass, take that cheapskates!

Oh wait, first up, Monster’s Ball was the worst movie I’ve seen in quite

some time, I’m obviously missing something because imdb gives it a 7.4, which is a pretty good

score. The Time Machine was better than I’d been told it was (ironicaly, only

getting a 5.6), I saw the original a very long time ago and after seeing the remake I’m inspired to seek out the original and see it again. I’m glad I never listen to anyone (I wish I’d done that with Monster’s Ball, how did that crap win awards for anything other

than “most crap movie ever”..I don’t know)

Now on with the show!

We’ve done a lot around the house and block, the promised gravel action, behold!

We moved about 12 tonnes of gravel and finished all the pathways around the house, we can finally go outside and walk around without

bringing mud and dirt and other crap inside! (well, we were excited about it).

Our first local brown snake, up close and personal (and luckily dead and not on our block 😉

I had something funny to say here but I’ve fogotten what it was, so just laugh as if you’re reading something funny and I won’t feel so bad

for forgetting.

Would you shave your head for $5000? I know I would, but Kristie did it for $5000 and she didn’t see a cent of it! She put her head

on the chopping block, so to speak, as incentive for a 5/6 class to raise $5000 for the “shave for a cure” charity, they raised $6000 and off it came! Hello G.I. Kristie.

And last but not least, the Budha garden is finally done…Elvis and Alice are happily fertilising the tree while Budha watches over the land as it slowly turns to dust from lack of water, thanks for nothin Budha, slacker!

That’s all for now, but don’t forget, I take requests!