Secret Santa

Every year the members of the forums at Something Awful ( hold a Secret Santa, the rules are simple, sign up, get a name and address and send that person a gift to the value of US$20.

I ordered the gift for my santee at the end of november, check it out:

My present from my secret santa arrived yesterday and I picked it up from the post office this morning, after reading the customs sticker on the front I couldn’t wait to open it up, my SS is an effective stalker, contents:

SA Baseball Cap (I still haven’t received the keyring I ordered months ago so this makes me happy

A CD full of Cajun Zydeco music, which I’m listening to right now, I have to admit I’ve never heard of Cajun Zydeco but the current track “John Delafose & The Eunice Playboys – Midland Two Step” is great!

An Alien vs Predator action figure set depicting a predator fighting an alien, my SS either has the detective skills of columbo or he took a wild guess that this gift would make my christmas!(I have taken pictures but forgot to bring my USB cable to work to download the pics, will update this post tonight)

On top of that, there is an awesome KISSmas card and another message about how my SS tried to send me a bottle of Cabo Wabo tequila (as I hinted to on the boards) but UPS foiled him so he had to keep it (I would have been happy with an empty bottle Enjoy the Tequila David (whoever you are)!

And on top of all that, SS went above and beyond the call since the cost to post all this to Australia was US$21.70, this doesn’t include the cost of the presents.

HUGE thank you Secret Santa, and Merry Christmas!

UPDATE: Pictures!! (click for bigger versions)

The box:

The Secret Santa Gifts! Thanks Santa!