52 Weeks ago today … (almost)

We finally finished the courtyard, a major accomplishment since it has involved nearly 2 years of effort including building our first post and rail fence, laying our first pavers, planning and installing out first irrigation system and seeding our first lawn, here are some pictures (all images are linked to a bigger version of itself):

Progress (starting from almost a year ago to the day):

21 September 2002

The side entrance to the courtyard it the native form, sans fence etc..

13 December 2002

The fence is up, we took 3 weeks holidays to build this, figured it would take a few days, it took 14 days of solid work, digging holes preparing wood and painting, ugh.

13 December 2003

One year on, the paving, grass and garden beds are all done, the only thing we have left to do in the courtyard is plant the hedge in the garden beds, but they need about another year to sit and ferment until the soil will be ready.


and another BEFORE and AFTER

We still have a long way to go, but it was nice to be able to say we’ve finished something, the next project will be the pathways around the outside of the house, gates on the courtyard and more mowing!!