Currently Playing: D&D Heroes (XBOX)

I was discussing games and stuff with Jeremy, as we do, the subject that it was unusual that I manage to convince Kristie to play games with me came up…

Girls playing games? Wierd! She only plays one genre of game anyway, co-op RPG or action types are the forte as long as they’re not FPS, so this limits the selection somewhat.

I think in the last few years that left us with
Diablo (PSX),
Syndicate Wars (PSX),
Gauntlet Legends (DC),
Baldurs Gate:Dark Alliance (XBOX),
Gauntlet Legends (XBOX) and now
D&D Heroes (XBOX).

Although, having said that, she did play Gran Turismo quite a bit, perhaps I should show her Need For Speed:Underground …hmmm…

I held high hopes for the new Fallout Game, Brotherhood of Steel, supposedly multiplayer co-op action/adventure/rpg but with Black Isle disappearing, so too are the hopes of seeing that come to XBOX.


When we’re done with D&D Heroes I’m going to give Dynasty Warriors 4 a go, it’s 2 player co-op and looks pretty cool.

Edit: Here are some games that are out or coming out that have a 2 player co-op mode:

  • Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (2 player co-op in middle earth!)
  • Black Stone (already out, fairly old, gauntlet clone)
  • Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel (may be cancelled, not sure yet)
  • Freedom Fighters (it’s 3rd person, like Tomb Raider, may not work for us)
  • Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance 2 (not out until next year)

So there are finally some good co-op games coming out. When will they released Diablo 2 on XBOX, they did it for playstation (with Diablo) all those years ago. If anyone knows of any more in this genre, leave a comment.