I just found an awesome new (well, new to me) MP3 player, better than winamp, WMA, Musicmatch and iTunes..there was a thread on the Something Awful Forums about which MP3 players was the best, feature and quality wise, all the goons kept mentioning this Foobar app.

I checked it out, hated it and uninstalled it. I read some more and they just kept raving about it, so I reinstalled and gave it a chance. I just uninstalled winamp. Give it a go if you’re keen, it takes a lot to get used to and a lot to configure but once it’s done, it’s awesome.

With some time spent customising it, you can get it looking and working really well:

It’s not as pretty as winamp, it is skinnable, although I couldn’t find any skins I liked, the default interface will have to do for now (I customised the playlist look using the links below)

Download Foobar 2000

Clickety Click for the Linkety Link

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MAD Plug in for Winamp

If you still want to use winamp, at least download this new input plug-in, apparently much better at decoding MP3 streams than the default one that comes with winamp (which most people use)

MAD Input plug-in