Nothing..really…well ok, something!

So there’s some new pictures in the gallery, I *have* been a bit slack with updates but it’s been same old same old around here, digging holes, putting up fences, painting, planting, watering, blah blah blah~

Some nice pictures of the pink monstrosity next door are in the September Gallery:

Click here to see the September Gallery (I think)

In those pictures you may also see a most horrible sight. Before we visited mum and dad’s new place in Wedderburn (Victoria, look it up, I had to!:) … After many weeks of complaining that my hair had gotten a little out of control (lazyness makes it grow faster, really!) Kristie took to my head with a pair of clippers, home-made haircuts are always the best, for real!

The head from hell!?

From this …

via this …

to this …

(bigger versions in the gallery, use the link above, if you dare!!)

I haven’t managed to sunburn my head yet, but I’m working on it!

Water situation improves!

We’ve had some good rain recently too, and for the first time in nearly 2 years the water tank is threatening to overflow, we’ve decided that if it does, it’s a reason to celebrate…not entirely sure HOW yet, but we’ll do something, probably involving wasting a lot of water..ironic that Canberra is in severe water restrictions and we have more than we’ve ever had, those poor urban dwellers!