Picture of the gigantic pink Phallus

Only 2 of (about, I think) 6 parts have been delivered on our wonderful new pink phallic symbol next door, here are the much awaited pictures (more when the rest “arrives”):

I haven’t been able to catch it in the right light yet (if there is such a thing for such a vile colour), but I’ll try and get some pictures in full light on the weekend, I’m hoping the fuckwit is out there admiring his handywork so I can flip him the neighourly bird.

In other news, word of a few robberies around the place here have prompted me to install a cheap-ass(tm) security system. It’s a webcam with motion detect software which will send me an email with attached pictures of anything that moves in the line of sight, it also upload pictures to webone (just in case theives steal the computers) and the local server. I’m not going to make the URL for the pictures public since nobody wants to see me walking around in my underwear!