New Modding Project

Below is the concept for my next case-mod….anyone who knows Kristie, or has been to our house knows that she’s a mad Cleveland Indians fan, hats, badges, stickers, baseball bats, shirts, jumpers, jackets, dolls, keyrings, belt buckles…just about anything you can put an indians logo on, she has…except for a PC case (although, her PC is called “Indians”).

So, I bring you…”Go Tribe” v1.0


I’ll dremel out the teeth (if Mike will lend me his, hi Mike :), eyes, feather and headband and paint on the rest of the details (or make a stencil, not sure yet).

An acrylic window will be attached to the inside of the case .. high gloss red on the outside, all black inside. Blue cathlod to give that blue glow and blue LED fans for exhaust and intakes. I considered intake fans for the eyes, but that’s just silly!

(the original logo can be seen here)