About 3 weeks ago we finally finished preparing the courtyard area for grass seeding, now, we have GRASS..well, sort’s slowly growing, here’s a timelapse of sorts…(click the thumbnail to see a bigger version, click here to see all the images in the new gallery – I’ll add more as the grass grows…cue jokes about watching grass grow!)

As you can see, the grass is growing…seen above, the very first blade of grass.

…and it grew some more…as grass does…….

…watch grass grow……we have some wierd little weed thingies growing in the dirt though, I don’t have any good pictures of them because they’re evil and smart and have decided to grow near the middle of the lawn area, which we can’t walk on yet, so by the time we can get in there and look at these things (and tear them out!) they’ll be as big as the house…stand by for pictures….

In other news, we finally sold the Commodore, for not-quite-as-much as we’d hoped, but it’s gone to a good home, pretty much were all VL’s end up these days, with a P Plater 😉

We’re also selling the tractor, decided it’s served the purpose for which it was originally purchased so we’re going to sell it off and buy a ride on mower, with a turbo and flames!…maybe not…if anyone wants to buy the tractor (with slasher and carry-all), you know where to find us 😉

Follow the links above for more pictures and information about the tractor