It’s just Cricket…

Beautiful weather today for the inaugural Williamsdale vs Michelago RFS Cricket Match. Kristie has a sore foot (the condition has some latin name, diagnosis is that she can’t walk or do anything strenuous for a couple of months or she’ll get a bone spur..ouch?) and I was official scorer so obviously couldn’t play..good weather for scoring though (scoring a cricket game, minds…out…gutter)

We played modified indoor cricket rules, essentially every player must bowl 2 overs and each pair of players must face 4 overs, meaning everyone gets a go at something.

We lost, by something like 30 runs, despite my best efforts to pad the results (just kidding, I have NO IDEA how the score I recorded for Michelagos innings was 20something runs different to what their scorer got..must have been the beer).

There was even a strangely phalic trophy, awarded to the Michelago team, which mysteriously went missing, I’m sure it will turn up soon!

<Picture lost in the mists of time>

Have you seen this trophy?!

I also took a bunch of pictures, see them here

====>RFS Cricket Match 4 April 2003<====

(link broken, the gallery it lived in no longer exists)