3500 Digital Photos…and counting

I recently had a big scare…I’ve been religiously sorting and backing up all the photos I’ve taken of the block, and pretty much everything for the last 3 years. Up until this week I only had one “master” copy of them all, and I thought I had lost it!

All these pictures have been taken with the trusty Sony DSC-P50 Cybershot Digital Camera. The P50 sequentially numbers all the pictures as it takes them. I’m currently up to about 3500 pictures in total, not including ones I’ve taken with a ‘normal’ camera.

Anyway, the whole point is that after my little panic about having lost everything, which turned out to be a false alarm (I’d taken them all to work for safe keeping during the fires in January). I decided to do something more to ensure the survival of the archive.

I have now taken an extra set of backups (5x700mb CD’s containing all pictures at 1600×1024 res), and made a “summary” CD which is all the pictures reduced to 1024×768 and fits on one CD, yes, all 3500 on one CD…a copy of this had been sent to Dave and Val for safekeeping (and their viewing pleasure (there’s a lot of junk in there, I never delete anything).

I’m getting off the track, and losing everyone’s interest. (sif I didn’t already lose it 10 minutes ago). Anyway, I’ve also made a gigantic photo gallery of all those reduced pictures, further reduced to 640×480 with thumbnails (thanks Photoshop!) and here it is! (I haven’t removed any pictures from this collection at all, so for those smartasses out there who are going to give me a hard time for taking pictures of beer, peanuts, my feet, my ugly head, orange juice, bark, dirt, mud, water, clouds, drunken fools and blades of grass, shaddup and go away! 🙂

Click here <<<===
to see 3500+ pictures of a house under construction, dogs, dirt, grass and really bad self portraits!

Please remember all these pictures are hosted on my local server behind my poor 56k connection so be gentle 🙂