We bought 200m of 25mm polypipe, not normally exciting by itself..well, actually, it’s not exciting in any way, but that’s quite an achievement for us and represents the fact that everything is back to normal (as normal as it gets around here).

The plants we planted around the house in the fill and cut areas are growing amazingly well, probably mostly due to the dedication of Kristie watering them (with my willing help of course)..I’ll post pictures one day.

I’ve been flexing my photoshop muscle again..and produced some wallpapers for the Williamsdale BFB, here they be:

(These are just small sample versions, if you want the full ones, mail me (link on left)

Some other things I photoshop’d up recently:

A sig I made for the AOB ozforums (Scratch is me, in case you didn’t know). I ended up getting a little carried away and made about 6 others for various other AOB members. I’m odd like that.

and the others:

(my personal favourite)

(modified by paul/bender, nice one guv!)

A couple of sigs for the EQ forums, voting on the forum showed that people like the top one better, I personally like the bottom one, but go figure!:

I have a bunch of other stuff I’ve done, leave a comment if you want to see them. I’m still learning, Photoshop is such a huge package but I’m getting the drift of it pretty quick, and learning all the quick ways to get great effects done without much screwing around.

Follow the link of the day, Jeremey’s news is way more interesting than mine (but he gathers stuff from all over the place, not just his backyard 😉