Kitchen Wars Episode 2: The clean wars

Pardon the pathetic Star Wars pun

We wrote a not-too-nasty letter off to the suppliers of the kitchen bench material (Caesarstone), and they finally agreed to send someone to take a look at it. See the letter here if you’re interested (it’s in Word for Windows format).

So we had another meeting with everybody concerned (including the rep from Ceasarstone)..he spent an hour cleaning it with gumption and various other things, it actually looks worse now than it did when he started..and he (they) continues to deny that there’s a problem.

So, David Loft and the kitchen guys are going to see what will happen from here, I’d still like to push for a refund, and going from the letter of the law, we’re entitled to one, see here. If they outright refuse, I suppose we will have to approach Fair Trading and see what they can do.
What a pain!!!