The eagle has landed…

It’s been nearly 2 weeks since the last update, mainly becuse we’ve been so busy moving and settling in that I haven’t had time/energy to take pictures and update the site with all that going on.

I’m only updating now to avoid going outside and picking up more rocks 😉

Let’s go back in time a few weeks, on about the 10th of May the house was nearly completed, all the electricity was connected and we went out at night to see it all lit up (it looks most impressive at night). Here are the results:



We moved in the weekend before last, moved most of the stuff in the ute and crummydore over Saturday and Sunday and used a rented 3 Tonne truck (and a very handy hand trolly) to move the heavy/big stuff the following monday.

Moving Day!

We also bit the proverbial bullet and decided to get the slightly more expensive carpet, just so we could have it the day we moved in, it’s a nicer carpet anyway so it’s worked out well, and it wasn’t a whole lot more, the carpet man gave us a good deal.


More moving day, it’s not as messy as this now, pretty much everything is unpacked and put away, now we have to start on the outside, gardening, landscaping, blah!

Messy Kitchen!

Messy Garden!

I’ll post another update with some shots of the media room and other stuff in the next couple of days, so come back real soon!